How to: affirmations

Affirmations have been a way for me lately to calm my mind, remind myself of all I have and erase the deep-set worries that I had carried around for so long, that sometimes creep back toward my mind if I’m not careful.

The biggest tip for making these work for you is:

1) to not only repeat these affirmations (or your own) but mean it when you say it

2) always follow up your affirmations with a list of all you have in life that you are grateful for.

Really “feeling” these affirmations may at first feel silly but it’s the key to unlocking the power of these words. First, think of a (maybe unrelated) recent, powerful, positive memory or experience. Allow yourself to totally surrender to how good you feel about that memory and all the visceral reactions that go with it, tingles, warmth, smiling, crying. Then whilst still in this state, read your first affirmation. Flood yourself with the feelings of your recent memory and apply them to that affirmation. Go down the list of all your affirmations, and if you start to “unfeel” then re-remind yourself of that memory.

The same goes for your gratitude list – the key to making it work is to feel grateful in all senses of the word. Like attracts like, and by feeling gratitude in such a strong way is attracting more to be grateful for in your life. If you FEEL abundance you will attract abundance like an irresistible energetic magnet. Allow yourself to be flooded with the warmth of your gratitude for everything on that list, especially on days where you are struggling to find positivity or a happy mindset.

Finally, writing it down in one journal allows these powerful words and phrases to be transferred from your mind (the energetic realm) to something physical and tangible that you can see, touch even. I believe this is the beginning point for the manifestation of what you want in life.


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