there’s no such thing as coincidence.

Every day I’m one step closer.

do you believe in coincidences? I don’t.

I believe that once you decide where you’re going certain things will place themselves in your path to make you ask yourself the question – do I really want this?

Tests to make sure you’re ready. Everything depends on how you respond. There’s only two choices – embrace or push.

One day I’ll be able to freely talk about the choice I was presented with yesterday. Today’s not the day but one day soon I will, I will.

Worlds converged in one moment in one space in time and I was forced to face a choice I had been denying myself for years now. A fear to face. One final hurdle set before me on my path upwards that asked “are you really ready? Do you really want this?”

A split second.

Turn and run and push, or embrace.

I chose the latter.

I’m not playing around anymore. I smiled and embraced, laughed a little at the situation. I’ve said it before – Mother Nature has a sense of humour. For the first time in a long time I chose the opposite of fear.

And afterwards for the first time in a while, I felt free of it. It’s no longer holding that part of me back like chains bound around a fraction of me preventing me from catapulting to my destiny.

Today I feel like a music note drifting and bouncing as the soft, slow beat requires. I feel like an entire song.

Today I’m listening to Kusanagi by Odesza on repeat because it transports me through space and time forwards to home. This song feels like home. A waterfall cascading in slow motion over slate hued stones. The deepest green you can envision. A tall mountain full of this green standing up over me, humbling me into silence and awe. A drumbeat. And slowness and stillness in everything, everywhere I turn. An hour long minute. Contendedness. Deep breaths. Life everywhere. It’s my destiny.


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