Cascade, and free-fall.

I still feel like I am evolving. Well, evolution does occur over a longer timespan.

I’m caught dead center, in the middle of two worlds today.

Reliant child, faux-woman, and

Fully fledged woman of independence.

There’s no going backwards anymore, only forwards. Whatever it takes.

I look over my old notes and I still feel the is me – I wasn’t lying to myself. The goals are pretty much the same – with a few additions and some major subtractions. Maybe my detours over the past 2-3 years have always meant to happen to bring me right here. It was built in to my destiny from day one. I had to walk through the flames, to feel the heat of the fire, to remove anything from me that wasn’t fireproof.

Today I’m more than fireproof, I’m indestructible.

I can feel my aura growing outwards and inwards at the same time, expanding at the same rate the universe is expanding. I feel like I’ve finally found out a beautiful little secret that our universe was trying to show me all along. We are all one, we are all connected and interconnected. Energetically perfect. Powerful beyond measure.

I feel like I finally know how to bring about what I want in this life. The paradox is actually quite funny. Mother Nature does have a sense of humour after all.

I see now that I was hell-bent on “going out and getting” whatever I wanted. Like I could bring my goals forward to me, like they were something I needed to retrieve. Something to lasso and pull in if it were ever to be in my grasp.

I see now that my fixation on this was what was blocking it all from coming to me.

It is only up to us to decide what our values, goals, beliefs, morals and ultimate journeys and purposes in life are.

It is not up to us to decide how it all comes to us.

It is up to us to relax, to believe, trust in the process, trust in the journey. To surrender to what is already in the works for us now we have made up our mind. Feel the power of everything already building, all for you.

Like droplets cascading over a ledge to join the other millions of droplets that have become a large pool.

Cascade and free fall.

Let your intuition catch you.

Danielle Sophia


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