Spring dreamscape: a word journey

take me somewhere
Where the warm breeze swirls around my knotty hair,
Dried salt crystals lay gently on my skin,
And water clear as air laps gently at the shoreline of a grainy, shell strewn haven.
Take me somewhere
Where the air is almost too warm
Beads of moisture making paths across my skin
Feeling infinitely small amongst the dense green I traverse.
let’s make a home there, you and I
Our days filled with laughter and imagination
lost forever within our surroundings
and time no longer exists.
Let’s make a family there, you and I
And show them the real wonders of the world
Let them in on secrets that only a few know
Like how to speak to the animals and trees.



(photo credit: 1. Vagrants of the World Travel 2. artist unknown 3. artist unknown 4. loubis-and-champagne.tumblr.com 5. paradise-found-in-maui.com 6. desvre.tumblr.com 7. instagram – “songofstyle” 8. Free People Blog 9. poetrymoves.blogspot.com 10. artist unknown)



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