Hey guys!

I hope you liked the first installment of my ‘benefits of rock bottom’ series. I actually want to address 2 things first & foremost –

  1. If I look upset at the beginning of this video, it’s because I was. I had just received some really terrible news, I was having a hard week financially, I was unsure about my future regarding employment and was just having an incredibly low week BEFORE I had been given the news prior to filming. That news just happened to tip me over the edge on that day. However, I had already planned on filming that day & wanted to keep on schedule with filming. I think it was actually perfect timing & everything happens for a reason, as I didn’t want to look picture-perfect, in fact this video is about the exact opposite. Please don’t worry though, as I do feel way better throughout the video & now at the time of writing, it’s a week and a half later and I’m 100% fine. Life happens and I don’t want to edit out the bad stuff.
  2. This video is a long one, as I wanted to include my story & experience about failure, as well as detail the first theme of ‘failure’. Future videos will only be around 10 mins long so I hope you don’t mind the length!


I hope you enjoy, & I’d love to hear some feedback from you! Watch below NOW:


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