mini story-time: panic on Pele

Don’t get me wrong – when I tell this story you may think that I overreacted and was over-dramatic and in answer to that, I’d say that you’re probably correct.

My boyfriend, Gaby, has a habit of disappearing on his little adventures at the most convenient (read: inconvenient) of times… and this was one of them. On tropical paradise island Pele for the day, on a draining reef flat, with minimal time to leave come the afternoon, as predicted, Gaby disappeared to go on a snorkelling adventure 300m out to sea and I, being ever the over-planner and anxious human that I am – took it upon myself to go on a retrieval mission (after a big buffet lunch).

Have a watch, let me know what you think.

If you liked it, let me know and I’ll keep on with these mini travel storytime videos!

– anislandmermaid


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