The deepest part of me.

I am so full of happiness and joy today it’s overwhelming.

Not because of anything special. But because I saved my own life.

No one, not even my nearest and dearest know that between 12-8 months ago I was drowned under overwhelming, pummeling waves of depression and anxiety. I hated it, I hated myself, I hated life and I saw no way out. I don’t bring this up lightly but there were days where I thought, it’s never going to get better than this. I had no friends, no ambition, I didn’t value myself or believe I was worth anything.

I can’t tell you what changed but somewhere in the last 12 months I decided that feeling that way wasn’t good enough anymore. I’m leaning how to work through my crippling social anxiety that made me believe I wasn’t worthy of having any friends. I began to tune into life, be grateful for the smallest things. Focus on fostering my relationship with myself and working on what I truly desire in life, even if it meant going “against the norm”. I can’t tell you how empowering it has been. For the last year I have prayed and manifested and journalled to bring strong, meaningful connections into my life and I’m starting to see it materialize now. My anxiety is slipping away. I value myself so so so much. I’m so happy today that I keep getting waves of gratitude wash over me because I’ve finally realized that you can create, mould, edit, change life into whatever the hell you want. And that is so incredibly powerful.

I’m so happy I never gave up in those moments when I considered it.

Life is beautiful 🌈🌈🌈🌈

If you want a more in depth video or blog post on this, please let me know. I’d love to do one. I’ve learned so much ❤️🤙🏼


Current affirmations

✨ money flows to me in great abundance from multiple sources.

✨I am open to receiving all the abundance life has in store for me.

✨ I trust that the right things are opening up for me.

✨ I am immensely grateful for all that I have, and all that I am about to receive.

✨ I am love and light.

✨ I trust and follow my intuition.

✨ my intuition pulls me like a strong magnet to my true path of abundance and freedom.

✨ I am unapologetically myself in all situations.

✨ I am loved for who I am.

✨ Life is beautiful.

How to: affirmations

Affirmations have been a way for me lately to calm my mind, remind myself of all I have and erase the deep-set worries that I had carried around for so long, that sometimes creep back toward my mind if I’m not careful.

The biggest tip for making these work for you is:

1) to not only repeat these affirmations (or your own) but mean it when you say it

2) always follow up your affirmations with a list of all you have in life that you are grateful for.

Really “feeling” these affirmations may at first feel silly but it’s the key to unlocking the power of these words. First, think of a (maybe unrelated) recent, powerful, positive memory or experience. Allow yourself to totally surrender to how good you feel about that memory and all the visceral reactions that go with it, tingles, warmth, smiling, crying. Then whilst still in this state, read your first affirmation. Flood yourself with the feelings of your recent memory and apply them to that affirmation. Go down the list of all your affirmations, and if you start to “unfeel” then re-remind yourself of that memory.

The same goes for your gratitude list – the key to making it work is to feel grateful in all senses of the word. Like attracts like, and by feeling gratitude in such a strong way is attracting more to be grateful for in your life. If you FEEL abundance you will attract abundance like an irresistible energetic magnet. Allow yourself to be flooded with the warmth of your gratitude for everything on that list, especially on days where you are struggling to find positivity or a happy mindset.

Finally, writing it down in one journal allows these powerful words and phrases to be transferred from your mind (the energetic realm) to something physical and tangible that you can see, touch even. I believe this is the beginning point for the manifestation of what you want in life.

A month of gratitude – starting today.

Gratitude is one of the hardest concepts I’ve had to embrace in my entire life. In a sense I have every right and every reason to be grateful, of which I’ve listed over and over in notebooks to study upon and remind myself of, as every perennially positive life coach recommends.

However what these recommendations don’t realize is the sheer capacity of our own minds to self sabotage us when everything should be feeling perfect. The pure fact that air is being drawn in and pushed out of my vibrant humanly being without interruption or pain should be reason enough for me to be the happiest person alive, for I am just that – ALIVE.

But the mind is a powerful thing and tendrils of darkness will creep up uninterrupted if you let it – and over and over again – I have. Before you know it the tendrils become hard and fast roots to weeds of dark thoughts that anchor to every corner and crevice of your brain with one intention – sabotage. I’ve found this to be especially true when I’m in a situation that I don’t want to be in or can’t wait to be over. Like right now.

But this time is different.

Somehow after trial and error and trial and win, trial and error and round and round on that nauseating merry go round game called mentality – something has changed a little. I’m able to catch myself before the darkness takes hold. I call myself out. I don’t take no for an answer. I breathe.

I’ve found living waiting for the next thing to happen or waiting for something to be over gives you a small false hope until that thing arrives or is over, and then your mind, on automation, will move that much further into the future to find something else to fixate on. Something else to “want” to be over. Perennial dissatisfaction every day that you are willing to let this occur.

The answer isn’t easy to hear and it’s this – cancel future plans. Surrender. Live in this second. Look outside and look up – really look. Take notice of every curve and crevice of this earth and realize that everything you are looking at is YOU. explore it and appreciate it.

Most of all realize that you have the power to change any life situation you are in if it no longer serves you, and do so without fear. Let all those doubts and what if’s melt away into nothing as you realise that everything






working out in the end. It’s inevitable. Shape your life and open the floodgates for gratitude as you knowingly laugh and realize for once in your life that you are the author, the illustrator, the shaper and the master of your own life to do with it what you will. It is your destiny.


Never be afraid to start over again

And again

And again

As many times as you need to strip away all outer layers to reveal yourself to me.

Fold your delicate little wings

Return to build your chrysalis of crystal

So that when you emerge

No one dare question your prismatic light.

Dani Sophia


The survivors.

Do you ever get the urge

The pull

Deep in your core, to just escape?

Put everything down in your hands

Empty out your living spaces

And run.

Walk across the cut path and step over broken twigs vines and branches

No heading, just knowing

You need to get to the heart of the jungle.

Do you ever wonder

exactly how much you would save

If everything you thought you loved crumbled to burnt ashes

Do you ever ask your self, your true self

Who you are

What you are

At your very centre

Before the world moulded you, shaped and formed you

Into a thing of submission, distraction

A thing without any sense of life’s true art.

If this is all you wonder, don’t worry

There are rebels out there that exist in isolation

Desperate to crumble away the restrictive plaster casts

Peel off all titles and labels and become living art that would rival the prettiest paintings.

We are out here, we exist

Like small sand islands in an expansive ocean

Refusing to let the tide wash over us;

The survivors.

We will find each other soon.

Dani Sophia

Belief is my new gravity

The turn of a new month & the entry into a new life.

Once more I stand on the threshold of the unknown. Belief is my new gravity. The binding force, the grounding essence. Unshakeable and undeniable in its entirety.

Yesterday I resigned from my job. The truth of the matter was something I couldn’t deny any longer – it wasn’t me. I wasn’t happy. I was getting sick constantly and consistently – in body, in mind, in spirit, in soul. I tried to wear the absolute exhaustion like a badge of honour as everyone else does, but the badge was becoming too heavy for me to hold any longer.

The fact of the matter is that I am evolving into my true self day by day. I am seeing things in many different coloured lights. I can feel myself aligning, unfolding, unfurling, charging and connecting to everything including my destiny and it’s partnered journey. My job wasn’t allowing it to happen – in fact, most of the time I felt like 2 people living dual lives pulling so far away from each other that I felt like I was being torn in two.

Here’s to the courage that is guiding me into the jungle of the as-yet unknown. More than ever before, I believe that everything is falling into place for me. More and more I am being presented with synchronicities in my daily life that reassure me that I am on a trajectory to my ultimate self.


I saw it the other day.

A single-level house, almost square in its design. The entirety of the house was dark stained wood, framed by a porch that wrapped around the entire exterior. The house itself sits at the base of a sharp-peaked mountain covered in dense lush jungle. The mountain’s incline so steep that to trace your eyes to the top would be akin to gazing directly upward towards the heavens.

I can’t explain it but I’ve been there before.

This is my home. Although the photograph I saw only detailed the exterior, I can see exactly what the inside of the house looks like in my minds eye. I can feel the loss of humidity on my skin as the breeze caresses it, before picking up the ends of my salt encrusted strands in a slow, melodious dance. Light birdsong is delivered to my ears in a whisper, straight from the dense harmonious jungle. I’m there in the evening time and I can feel it so strongly it’s like a reverse deja-vu.

I know one day I’m going to realize I’m in this exact moment and smile. It can’t go any other way. It’s my home, my place, somewhere I have been in my dreams too many times for it to not be the absolute truth. And so I surrender to whatever path will lead me there, for-

It is only up to you to decide what you want.

It is not up to you to decide how you will arrive there.

And so surrender entirely, and believe.